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Timber Slabs

Stunning red gum raw edge timber slab

Redgum with stunning Birdseye feature

Stunningly beautiful raw timber slabs, milled from local raw timber logs of varying sizes, lengths and shapes.

Most of the raw timber slabs show below are red gum, but Raw Boards do get other timber milled as well.

Take a look at our Fine Timber Furniture to see how these raw timber slabs are used to make tables and chairs and also bars and feature benches.

The raw timber slabs are also used to make Outdoor Timber Furniture, take a look to see garden benches, tables and more.

Also part of what Raw Boards do is Natural Play - making play areas for Council and Schools. Take a look at our Natural Play.

Raw edge timber slab red gum
Multiple raw timber red gum slabs
Milled raw timber slab
Part milled raw timber red gum log
Red gum timber slabs
Yellow box raw timber slab


Multiple raw timber slabs
Truck load of red gum timber slabs

Timber Slabs Perfect for Table Tops

Raw Boards milled raw timber slabs can be used for many things as indicated above, but they really are perfect for table tops.


One solid piece means no joining timber pieces needed and the beautiful grain revealed in most raw timber slabs really sets the table top apart from other furniture.

Raw Boards are always milling new raw timber logs and creating new raw timber slabs every week, so contact us to find out what we have on offer.

Red gum timber slab with awesome featur

Smaller Timber Slabs and Burls

The next section is smaller timber slabs and burls.

Raw Boards mills all sizes and styles of raw timber slabs, from small to medium straight timber slabs to ones with varying features.

Burls are also milled as well as round sections.

Milled raw timber burl
Peppercorn raw timber slab
Small raw timber slab
Raw timber burl sections
Raw timber section
Milled end of log
Small oval raw timber slab
Storage of multiple raw timber slabs

Raw Boards mills many different types of raw timber slabs, and as such always has many different shapes and sizes in stock.

Some older than others and some with more character than others, so whatever your taste in raw timber slabs, Raw Boards either has what you need or can source it.

Please contact us for more information on what we can offer you.

We may even have a milling project ready to start that is exactly what you want.