The Process

Old raw timber log left over from bush fire

The photo to the right is a close up of the milled log showing the incredible detail of the features available from milled timber logs.

Not only does this capture beautiful timber features but it also cleans up the land for farmers, which is part of what Raw Boards stands for.

In 1967 there was a bush fire in Bendigo, from that bushfire burnt out logs were left on farmers land. Lynton from Raw Boards was called out to mill the timber log so the timber would not go to waste.

Close up of raw timber slab edge
Milled timber slab

Now we have the fully milled log showing the milled raw timber slab.  It's at this stage you get to see what the grain looks like within the log - and sometimes there are stunning outcomes. 

See our page on raw timber slabs for more information.

The next three images are the final result of the process. Stunning fine timber furniture.

As you can see from all the following images, the detail from the grain and even using the raw timber edge can deliver stunning pieces.

The last image shows the top with incredible detail in the grain.

Solid timber coffee table
Custom timber coffee table
Top of timber coffee table

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