Products and Projects

Raw Boards have provided a range of Natural Play Fixtures for Public Spaces, not only here in Bendigo, but also for Melbourne and Interstate projects. This part of our business is as much about offering a service as it is about producing customised products, as we work closely with Landscape Architects and Designers.

Your project might include:

  • Logwood Bridges

  • Cubby Houses and Fortresses

  • Sculptures

  • Stepper Logs & Balancing Beams

  • Posts & Fences

Variations in colour, and grain pattern in timber always mean that every piece is at least, slightly different. What distinguishes Raw Boards Furniture, is that our inspiration comes from the raw product itself and the life it lived before. Bush-fire damage, termites and even rot become features rather than faults. The result is always a naturally unique piece of furniture.  

  • Totem Poles

  • Australian Animals

  • Exotic Animals

  • Mushroom and Toadstools

  • Garden Art

  • Natural Edge Timber Slabs

  • Hardwood Posts

  • Local and Foreign Timber Species

  • Sawmilling