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Natural Play

Custom timber playground

Raw Boards specialises in Natural play products. Natural play is playground items made out of natural raw timber sourced and milled locally.

Linton from Raw Boards has created many different products for Natural Play or timber playgrounds in Bendigo and surrounds.

Products including custom wood huts with chimneys and other custom parts. Custom made timber signs as features in the natural play playgrounds. Table and chair sets, bridges, stumps and logs designed as custom play areas and many other custom creations.

Custom timber playground hut
Playground hut
Playground hut brick chimney
Close up of timber sign on hut
Playground hut custom shelves
Custom timber playground bridge
Custom timber playground pieces

Environmentally Friendly

Natural play is.........natural, and as such is environmentally friendly. Not only that but every log and piece of timber sourced and milled is sourced locally from timber that is old and ready to be cut up or is removed due to new subdivisions or new developments.

Why would you make a playground out of plastic when you can create a stunning raw timber playground that is locally sourced and full of incredible character.

Raw Boards is invested in our local economy and uses local raw timber responsibly. Take a look at our page 'The Process' to see what it's all about.

Also, contact us for more information on anything natural play or timber playgrounds.

Custom timber playground table and chairs
Custom timber foot bridge
Custom timber playground design