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Raw Boards is a timber salvage business operating from Bendigo, Victoria.

Owner of Raw Boards, Linton, sources unwanted tree logs and other timber from farms and houses, that would otherwise be burnt or dumped.

Burning fallen trees and old posts is common practise in rural areas so collecting them for furniture saves a durable resource.

Salvaged timber also offers a wealth of irregularities like fiddleback and birds eye figuring, gum veins and organic curves that inspire Raw Boards designs.

Linton from Raw Boards Bendigo using a chainsaw
Stunning raw timber red gum slab

All of Raw Boards' furniture is designed and created by the RawBoards team, from the slabbing of the log to the finished product. 

The above photo is Linton creating the leg of a custom outdoor timber seat.

The photo to the left is a raw timber slab with a stunning 'Birdseye' feature. Linton and Raw Boards have many timber slabs for sale, click here for more information on timber slabs.

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